The next installment of this Black Lives Matter series is an opportunity to find a place of quiet and calm healing. Life is hectic. Give yourself a moment to just be. To find shelter and solace. To seek and discover a spirit of renewal in the space you make for yourself. Movement and motion can wait a moment. Now is the time to rest and recharge. To find hope in healing. 

Throughout the years I’ve practiced yoga and mindfulness, it’s always been a relief to know it doesn’t have to be something that brings more stress to my life. I give myself just 10 minutes a day and sometimes don’t do anything more complicated than setting a timer and becoming aware of my breath. Along my journey, I was even more excited to discover sound baths as a form of mediation. If you’re unfamiliar, participants generally rest on the ground while the practitioner plays a variety of instruments and/or sings. While I was pregnant with my first child, the ability to just show up and completely let go was incredible for me. To just let sound vibrate through me was so powerful. I’d literally feel myself buzzing after each session.⁣

I combined my experience as a professional vocalist, background in choral music, and love of meditation to create a series of vocal sound baths that can be accessed from anywhere in this post-pandemic world. Because sometimes life is just way too heavy, I’ve stripped away all the hypothetical barriers of a meditation practice. There’s almost no reason you can’t close your eyes for 10 minutes a day and just listen. These works eventually have a permanent home but will also be on IGTV so you can easily access them and go about your day. Social media isn't usually a place where we're the most mindful so I'm hoping to help change that mindset by making content like this widely available.

If any of this resonates with you, please pass along this Sound Bath Meditation to someone who might need it. And most of all, enjoy!

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