This is a modern meditation for people of the African diaspora and their allies. The lived Black experience has specific scars that come with it. Still and Saint is all about helping to build a mindfulness practice that is easy, sustainable, and empowers you to deal with the every day struggles of living while Black. 

Wellness is such a business now. And in this world of pastel and palm trees, we’re here to tell you meditation isn’t soft and cute. For people like us, it’s a revolutionary. And it’s necessary.

The entire world has told us from birth that we’re not good enough. That we’re not welcome. That we don’t belong. 

Meditation is a way to reclaim the space the isn’t freely given to us. It is a radical way to fight back. To wage war against those who’d love to silence us. To stand up for ourselves and our community. To bloom through concrete. To have our lives blossom into what we always dreamed they could be despite our circumstances.

This mindfulness practice is all about the radical, transformative power of self-love. To love yourself, your past, your future, your triumphs, and your mistakes. This self-love is the armor you need in a world that doesn't always celebrate us.

Come back here anytime to replenish and nourish yourself and let us know what you think. We're here for YOU. We're here to tell you that you matter. Let us know how we can best serve you!

With love,

Still + Saint