I believe the voice is the most powerful and transcendent instrument. Universal, yet each one completely unique. I began experimenting with sound as texture and started recording music that could help bring me into a meditative state. Eventually, I stripped away all the instruments until I was left with a singular modality: the voice. ⁣

I combined my experience as a professional vocalist, background in choral music, and love of meditation to create a series of vocal sound baths that can be accessed from anywhere in this post-pandemic world. Because sometimes life is just way too heavy, I’ve stripped away all the hypothetical barriers of a meditation practice. There’s almost no reason you can’t close your eyes for 10 minutes a day and just listen. ⁣

The first of these sound baths is a mantra mediation focusing on the sound “VAM”. It might be a bit out there for some, but this mediation focuses on the Sacral Chakra. The ⁣Sacral Chakra centers on creativity, play, emotional fluidity, and flow, among other aspects. I’ve found the rigidity of isolation sometimes leaves me drained of inspiration. I meditate on the sacral chakra when I feel a bit “stuck”.⁣

Feel free to share with anyone you think needs more focus and fluidity in their lives or could use 10 minutes to just BE.

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