About Us

Who We Are

A modern lifestyle brand created for, and by, women of color.

    • We believe the body, mind, and spirit are inextricably linked | We strive to nourish women of color from the inside-out through our curated and original content discussing mindfulness, pleasure, beauty, and food.

    • We believe good food is the foundation of a good life | We champion inexpensive recipes, relevant articles regarding nutrition and food safety, and strive to raise awareness of food injustice within our communities to continue to change the status quo.

    • We believe self-care as a historically marginalized person is a powerful act of revolution | We believe the first step to true equality is believing you deserve it. Nurturing yourself in a world that says you are less than is the first step in reclaiming safe space for all women of color.  


What We Do

The Power of Positive Representation 

We are an unapologetically Black business created and maintained by women of color. Our branding and marketing reflects our dedication to paint a more accurate portrait of the beauty, power, and potential of the Black Diaspora.

We engage and enliven our community through our blog series on holistic health and wellness, a weekly newsletter, and our mindfulness series.

Our complimentary mindfulness program is designed specifically to inspire and empower women of color by harnessing the undeniable power of meditation. 

Each 10-minute episode features a guided meditation, reflections on words of historical thought-leaders or renown poets of color, and three affirmations to use throughout your day. 
We also include an accompanying blog post to delve deeper into the topic of focus each week.

Please leave your comments below our posts with any comments or questions you may have. We are truly here to serve and your insight is incredibly important to us and helps us create more of what you love. 

We believe deeply in nurturing ourselves and filling historical holes in our hearts through positive representation and inspiration. We want to spark imagination and creativity; to speak to the soul and heart. We want to create a sacred space for art, culture, and above all, compassion. Our message is specific and powerful: We all deserve to truly love ourselves.

What We Believe

We believe in a future where the historically marginalized are the rule and not the exception.

We believe we can stand in the glory of the achievements of our ancestors while shaping a new world.

We believe black and brown bodies, women, allies and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and those with disabilities are not marketing tools or ad campaign fodder but real, breathing people and a symbol of strength and resilience.

We believe our existence; our survival through all we have suffered is a revolutionary statement.

We believe each time we choose to buy into brands that support us a whole we speak loudly with our money.
We believe fashion can be used as a tool; as a marker to say we also belong in traditionally privileged spaces.

We believe clothes do so much more than cover our bodies. By choosing garments that have a message and make a statement, we further our vision of ourselves in this great, wide world.