Our Mission


The Power of Positive Representation 

We are an unapologetically Black business created and maintained by women of color. Our branding and marketing reflects our dedication to paint a more accurate portrait of the beauty, power, and potential of the Black Diaspora.

We also use our resources to engage and enliven our community through free weekly content. Our weekly meditation podcast Synesthesiologie is designed specifically to inspire and empower people of color by harnessing the undeniable power of mindfulness.

Each 10-minute episode features a guided meditation scored by musical artist Saint, reflections on words of historical thought-leaders or renown poets of color, and three affirmations to use throughout your day.

We also include an accompanying blog post to delve deeper into the topic of focus each week. Please leave your comments below our posts with any comments or questions you may have. We are truly here to serve and your insight is incredibly important to us and helps us create more of what you love.