Slow Fashion

We believe fashion should never be cheap, disposable, anonymous, or made in poor conditions.That's why we take a holistic approach to the design and production of our goods. Through this holistic approach, we can maintain a commitment to sustainable and ethical production and manufacturing processes. Each of our products are made to order each time you purchase from us. This allows us to avoid waste created by overstock and cut down on the unnecessary use of fossil fuels to ship our products from a distributor, to a warehouse, and finally over to you.We believe our customers care about the environment as much as we do and respect the 3 to 6 week window it requires to print, cut, sew, and ship our products. Each of our pieces are designed by an artist in collaboration with Maison Synesth├ęsie. The artist receives residuals in perpetuity and is given an outlet to expand on a global scale. Every time you purchase from us, you supports a community of deserving artist as well.