Our aim with still + saint was to create an empowered fashion and wellness company built from the ground up specifically for people of the African diaspora. 


The majority of wellness spaces are designed for a predominantly white audience. Still + saint is created specifically for the black experience in a language that is grounded, authentic, and welcoming to those completely new to mindfulness. 


We create empowered basics that blend seamlessly with preexisting wardrobes, allowing our customers to speak their truth without saying a word because, let’s face it, speaking on behalf of an entire global culture is exhausting. We consider ourselves a holistic fashion company and truly care about the mental health and well-being of each of our customers. In such, each item is paired with a complimentary mindfulness practice or meditative soundscape which allows are customers to truly internalize each theme. Each of our sonic offerings is created by an actual musician and audio engineer to ensure its quality and artfulness. 


Eventually we’ll be live-streaming our meditative soundscapes and feature courses that span a series of days; offering even more opportunities for our customers to immerse themselves in the inspiring and supportive culture we’re cultivating for them.  


We are an unapologetic space that believes caring for yourself as a marginalized person is nothing short of revolutionary. What better way to express this reclamation of mental space than by adorning ourselves with it? 


Our survival throughout a history that has abused us has made us saints. Let’s wear it so they hear it.